Syncro SVN Client

Built-in Diff and Merge Editor

One of the most common requirements in project development is to see what changes have been made to the files from your project. Often, developers are changing the same file at the same time, so conflicts are usual sights. Finding what has been modified by each developer can be hard. Syncro SVN Client comes with advanced built-in diff and merge editor to help you save time and effort.

Check Differences Between Versions
Enable/disable whitespace-aware comparison.
Manage each difference or copy all non-conflicting ones with a single click.
Easy navigation through blocks of differences and between word-level differences in a changed line.
Simultaneously highlight of line-level and word-level differences.
Differences overview ruler to easily see how they are spread in the document.
In-place widget for quicker access to copy/merge actions.
  • Features
  • Two-level diff: line and word level differences highlighted simultaneously
  • Ignore white spaces
  • Quick copying of all non-conflicting changes
  • In-place widget for quicker access to copy/merge actions
  • Customizable differences representation colors
  • Smooth synchronized scrolling
  • Differences overview side-ruler
  • Syntax highlight support for different file types
  • File content editing from within the compare window
  • Comparison panes search support with regular expressions
  • Presentation of SVN revision and last author for each compared file
Video Demonstration
We could not be without Syncro SVN Client to manage our code repository. It's easy to use, powerful and intuitive.
David Goodman
CEO - Kinetic Avionic Products Limited
Supported Platforms
Compatible with Windows 8 & Mac OS X Mavericks

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