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Resource History

An Apache SubversionTM repository is like a time machine. It keeps a record of every change ever committed to files and directories, and allows you to explore this history by examining previous versions of each resource. However, sometimes you just want to sneak a peek into the past and this is where the History view helps you.

History View
Name and current revision of the resource to display history for.
Group revisions by date.
Retrieve more history information.
Filter relevant history information.
Set of revisions in the same time group.
Log comment with highlighted bugtraq information.
Details about affected resources in each revision.
Locations of the modified resources.
  • Features
  • History filtered by revision number, date and author
  • Search in displayed history content
  • Retrieve shards of revisions or complete history information
  • Complete log information (author, date, affected repository resources)
  • Group revisions by date
  • Bug-tracking information highlighted in log comments
  • Checkout from any revision
  • Inspect or retrieve file content at any particular revision
  • Resurrect deleted items
  • Compare files with their working copy versions
  • See exact file changes between revisions
  • Obtain change sets between different revisions of directories
  • Revert specific changes from working copy files
  • Detailed author information for any revision of a text file
Video Demonstration
We could not be without Syncro SVN Client to manage our code repository. It's easy to use, powerful and intuitive.
David Goodman
CEO - Kinetic Avionic Products Limited
Supported Platforms
Compatible with Windows 8 & Mac OS X Mavericks

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