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At the core of the Apache SubversionTM system is the repository, which is the central store of this system's data. The repository usually stores information in the form of a filesystem tree — a hierarchy of files and directories.

The Repositories view allows you to define, manage and browse Subversion repository locations. Resources inside each repository are presented in a filesystem-like layout, having the repository locations at the first level, where each location represents a connection to a specific repository. Information about each directory or file is displayed in a tabular form.

Syncro SVN Client offers support for Subversion 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8 repositories.

SVN Repository
Organize repository locations list
Browse any revision of your repository location
Create and present branches and tags
Presents locked files and allows lock/unlock file operations
  • Features
  • Support for all Subversion repository access protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SVN, SVN+SSH and FILE
  • Repository locations management
  • Repository structure browsing for latest revision or any other previous one
  • Import resources into repository, export and checkout from any revision
  • Basic resource management: copy, move, rename, delete, create new folders
  • Drag and drop files to copy or move them
  • Open and save files directly from repository
  • Create branches/tags
  • Present history or revision graph for any resource
  • Detailed author information for any line of a text file
  • Locking support
  • Show Subversion properties and detailed information for any resource
Video Demonstration
We could not be without Syncro SVN Client to manage our code repository. It's easy to use, powerful and intuitive.
David Goodman
CEO - Kinetic Avionic Products Limited
Supported Platforms
Compatible with Windows 8 & Mac OS X Mavericks

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