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Advanced View of SVN Working Copy

A working copy is, basically, a local copy of a particular version of data found inside a version control system, upon which a user is free to work. Working copies appear just as any other local directory full of files. The task of managing the working copy and communicating changes made to its contents to and from the repository is the responsibility of the Apache SubversionTM client software.

The Working Copy view gives a detailed representation of the content of your working copy, offering all possible Subversion actions by which users manage files, edit, send and receive file content to and from the central repository.

Working Copy View
Manage your working copies list
Filter your working copy resources in order to see only locally modified files, remotely modified files or conflicting files
Configure the structure of the working copy and filter its content
This column presents each resource state. Hover each icon in order to see a description of it.
This column presents the properties state for each resource. Hover each icon in order to see a description of it.
This column presents the file state for each resource modified in the repository. Hover each icon in order to see a description of it.
This column presents the file's lock state. Hover each icon in order to see more details.
The number of incoming, outgoing and conflicting resources.
  • Features
  • Working copies management
  • Working copy resources presented as a tree/compressed/flat structure
  • Resource filtering by relative state: all, modified, incoming, outgoing, conflicted
  • Filtering of "deleted" and "ignored" resources
  • Configuration of the displayed information
  • Working copy caching for faster startup time
  • Automatic refresh of the working copy file states
  • Synchronization with the repository and presentation of modified files
  • Basic SVN operations: update, commit, revert, copy, move, rename, delete, add, ignore, cleanup, switch and others
  • Advanced operations: override and update, override and commit, mark as merged, replace with BASE or HEAD revisions
  • Repair items copied, moved, or renamed outside of an SVN client
  • Support to easily add external directories
  • Commit to multiple repositories at once
  • Open files in built-in editors or associated system applications
  • Drag and drop files to copy or move them
  • Interactive conflict editing
  • Integrated file comparison tool for text files and images
  • Present history or revision graph for any resource
  • Detailed author information for any line of a text file
  • Locking support, including presentation of lock states against repository
  • Show Subversion properties and detailed information for any resource
  • Create branches/tags using working copy content
Video Demonstration
We could not be without Syncro SVN Client to manage our code repository. It's easy to use, powerful and intuitive.
David Goodman
CEO - Kinetic Avionic Products Limited
Supported Platforms
Compatible with Windows 8 & Mac OS X Mavericks

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